The Life of a Tree Surgeon

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The Life of a Tree Surgeon

The Physical Demands

Though they may all come from different walks of life, the life of a tree surgeon will definitely consist of some unchanging similarities; they love to climb and are fearless when it comes to heights.  The physical fitness it takes to perform this job is incredible, and the life of a tree surgeon is often spent in years of commercial training before they are actually ready to climb trees.

Climbing day in and day out really takes a toll on the body so physical fitness is a must.  This means that tree surgeons are generally younger and by about age 45 are reaching the retirement point.  This means that career wise, the life of a tree surgeon is generally very short lived, but fortunately the earnings are enough to provide for an early retirement.

Tree surgeons are not simply just climbing trees for a living.  They must be able to climb to extensive heights in every imaginable weather condition, wearing a harness and carrying a chainsaw.  The stamina it takes to keep going at times can be incredibly demanding but tree surgeons are able to push themselves to continue until the job is done.  The life of a tree surgeon is so physically demanding that ‘burnout’ is something that commonly occurs.  This is where the demands of the job just get to be too much and continuing would be detrimental to their health.

The Dangers

Clearly a job that requires climbing to heights unknown by most carrying a loaded chainsaw poses some danger to those performing it.  Tree surgeons are equipped with every possible safety precaution available, but according to recent reports it is still the most dangerous job in the UK.

Before they can even think of beginning a climb, tree surgeons are outfitted with protective clothing, protective gloves and eyewear, safety harnesses, and a safety strap for safe carrying of their chainsaw.  Regardless of how safe they try to be there are still dangers- especially when performing a climb in inclement weather which only increases the difficulty of the climb.  Unfortunately, when it comes to tree surgery, it often needs to be done during storms when hanging branches pose a danger to the tree or what’s beneath it.

The life of a tree surgeon is a life on the edge but it’s something they understand comes with the job.  They go through regular trainings and extensive safety classes and procedures to try and keep each other as safe as possible, but there is no doubt that tree surgeons are putting their lives on the line every single day.