Tree Surgeon Apprenticeships

Theory combined with practice is what sets tree surgeon apprenticeships apart from other forms of training in the exciting field of arboriculture. An apprenticeship program can help the tree surgeon acquire the necessary skills in order to successfully execute his responsibilities, so if you are passionate in caring for trees you should look into tree surgeon apprenticeships.

Tree Surgeon Apprenticeships

Tree Surgeon Apprenticeships Theory and Practicality

When it comes to tree surgery, the educational demands required from someone wishing to enter the field are quite relative.  Not all employers have the same requests, thus the only obligation of a tree surgeon to be is to have completed secondary school.  You can obtain various levels of qualifications through training courses, yet the best way of acquiring the much needed experience in caring for trees is through apprenticeships.  These are offered by vocational schools, by certain companies as well as highly professional tree surgeons willing to become mentors for those who aspire towards a career in tree surgery.

The reason why apprenticeships are a good idea for tree surgeons to be is that this particular type of job is not a desk job, but one that prompts the tree surgeon to engage in different hands-on activities regardless of various circumstances such as weather.  When it comes to being a reputable tree surgeon on paper, superior forms of training backed up by higher degrees such as a bachelor’s degree in environmental science are clearly a benefit in the rising career of a tree surgeon, yet less scholarly individuals can acquire a successful combination of training and practical skills through a well-organised apprenticeship program.

Why Choose Tree Surgeon Apprenticeships

Whilst some employers only work with a couple of workers, others are willing and needing to hire over 100 tree surgeons, and the range of employer options should prompt you into adding tree surgeon apprenticeships onto your list of career training.
Tree surgeon apprenticeships can help individuals to start working for the local government, for arboricultural organisations, for specialist contractors or for private business owners and various landlords.  Tree surgery is one career that doesn’t involve a significant lack of job offers as there are certain areas in the United Kingdom, for example in the southeast of England, where the shortage of tree surgeons is quite large.

The Advantage of Tree Surgeon Apprenticeships

Tree surgeon apprenticeships aren’t like other forms of training, especially since individuals are paid for learning on the job.  More information on tree surgeon apprenticeships can be acquired from the National Apprenticeship Service that may pay up to 100% of the training costs depending on the age of the aspiring tree surgeon.  These pay rates do vary according to the area where the apprenticeship program is being held, yet the fact that people can enjoy the wage along with the necessary training makes tree surgeon apprenticeships a worthy step in building a career in arboriculture.

How to Find Tree Surgeon Apprenticeships

If you are interested in becoming a tree surgeon apprentice, you can contact reputable tree surgeons and ask them if they’re willing to accept you as their apprentices.  These “jobs” may also be advertised on various websites and in local newspapers, as well as in specialised newsletters such as the one from the Arboricultural Association.