How the Weather Affects a Tree Surgeon

Although most people do not really know much about tree surgery, the fact is that trees demand constant maintenance and care in order to be healthy and last for a long time. Owing to the fact that tree surgeons have a difficult, responsible and often dangerous job, it has to be said that they really earn every penny they work for. The UK is a country with a lot of tree surgeons and with a lot of companies that deal with tree surgery, but British tree surgeons have much more dangerous jobs than tree surgeons in some other countries. Therefore, knowing how the weather affects a tree surgeon is vital. Tree surgeons in the UK cannot rely on the weather forecast, so they spend a lot of time working in bad weather conditions. Knowing this, it is easy to see how the weather affects a tree surgeon and why the job of a tree surgeon is considered to be as difficult and dangerous as it is.

How the Weather Affects a Tree Surgeon

How the Weather Affects a Tree Surgeon Seasons

There are many different techniques that tree surgeons use in order to keep the trees healthy and long-lasting.  Some of these techniques include crown cleaning, structural and deadwood pruning, branch removal and so on.  Most of the techniques can be used regardless of the weather, but there are some tasks that cannot be done in bad weather.  Also, there are some trees and shrubs that need certain temperatures in order for them to be maintained properly.  For instance, some of the jobs that tree surgeons more commonly do during the summer months are the thinning and strengthening of the branches, and those more commonly done in the winter include milling the timer and removing dead branches which were lost during the summer.

How the Weather affects a Tree Surgeon Prices

Generally speaking, the busiest time for tree surgeons in the UK lasts from September to March.  During these months, people should expect to pay more for the services of tree surgeons, since they are very busy.  Also, if you need some work done on your trees between September and March, you should be aware that it might be possible to wait for a tree surgeon for some time, even a few weeks.  The reason for this is again the fact that this is their busiest season and they may simply not have enough time to do all the work you need done right away.  Planning when to hire a tree surgeon is very important, not only because of the price, but also so you can count on getting the job done on time.

So, when it comes to the question of how the weather affects a tree surgeon, it is safe to say that the weather is a very important factor in tree surgery.  Aside from the weather, there are many more factors that affect the job of a tree surgeon – regardless of the fact whether it is the price, the difficulty or any other aspect of the job.