Tree Surgeons London

London may be one of the most highly populated parts of the United Kingdom and be considered a totally built up area, but there are many parks and areas that have a great deal of greenery. From the various local authorities to a number of areas on private properties there will always be plenty of work available for tree surgeons in London.

Tree Surgeons London

Tree Surgeons London Services

Crown reduction and shaping is a form of pruning a tree that has grown too big.  This will leave a healthy and safer tree.  With hardwood trees tree surgeons in London will use a method called crown thinning whereby selected branches are removed and the tree’s appearance is improved.  Crown lifting will be carried out when branches are too low for people or vehicles to pass underneath.

Trees can often be pruned but there are times when the only solution is felling.  A tree surgeon in London will only want to do this if the tree is diseased or dangerous.  Depending on the location this can be difficult as in a built up part of London it will be harder to fell a tree than it would be in a forest.

The London Tree Company

The London Tree Company works both in and around London offering their customers tree surgery and felling services.  In parks it is easier to work on trees as there is a lot of room but with private properties the trees may be close to either a property or other trees.  If this is the case the work will be carried out in sections.  In some cases this may take some time and if there is the need to leave part of the tree behind, there will be enough left on show to make sure that it will not be a hazard.  Working in sections may be more time consuming but corners will not be cut in order to do the job quickly.  Both section and felled rope work will be carried out with the use of felling wedges and pulling ropes.  Section felled trees will be dismantled using the step cut, break off and controlled throw method with the use of lowering ropes. T

Tree Amigos

Tree Amigos work with both private and commercial clients in London and the surrounding area.  Staff are all qualified arborists with certificates from the Royal Forestry Society and City and Guilds.  They are able to carry out both large and small operations and have the equipment needed to make sure the job is carried out safely.  When working they adhere to the British Standard recommendations for tree work.  As with most tree surgeons in London they are heavily insured with cover up to £5,000,000.

Tree Amigos are also seen as a green company and work hard to make sure plants and animals are not injured or damaged due to their work.  The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 are totally complied with and these cover things such as checking for bats or nesting birds, and using environmentally friendly oils.