Tree Surgeon Costs

When looking for a tree surgeon there will be a lot of choice in your area. While it may seem that some areas are built up it is surprising how many trees there are in parks and local gardens. As would be expected trees of different sizes and in different locations will be charged at a different rate. A small tree will cost a lot less than a large one and in the same way a tree with nothing else around it will cost less to be treated than a tree surrounded by other trees or buildings.

Tree Surgeon Costs

Rough Tree Surgeon Costs

Very few tree surgeons will give exact fees without seeing the tree but a rough idea of charges are as follows:

  • Tree felling - £250 per tree although there will be conditions attached.
  • Crown reduction - £150 per tree
  • Garden clearance - £200 per worker per day.  This will not normally be applied to removing the remains of trees that have been felled or crowned as that fee will be in the original cost given for the work.

What is Covered in a Tree Surgeons Costs?

As would be expected it will be a good idea to get a quote from more than one company as there may be some who will charge more than others.  It also will be advisable to ask them to visit in case they do not offer to do so.  When explaining their costs tree surgeons should put the quote in writing and explain clearly what is covered.  This should include items such as:

  • Exact details of the work to be carried out
  • If VAT is included or not
  • If they are going to remove the rubbish created
  • Who is responsible if something goes wrong
  • Will a risk assessment be carried out
  • How much insurance does the company have

On some occasions people have posted details of what they have paid in chat rooms and prices vary in every case.  One person paid £480 to remove 25% of a willow tree and yet another paid £250 for 2 men to spend the full day climbing and pruning 7 trees plus tidying up a hedge.  They had previously paid a lot more but found that by ringing around they were able to get a better deal and were just as happy with the new company.

Additional Tree Surgeons Costs

There could be a tree preservation order on the tree you want to have felled or pruned.  This means that the council will have to give permission and there are limits as to what can be done.  There will be little chance of having it removed completely unless it is badly damaged or risks passing on disease to others.  This will delay the job and could incur an extra cost.

Companies realise that cost will be an important factor when people are deciding which company to use and tree surgeon costs have to be competitive.  It will be accepted that there are costs for the companies but in order to gain repeat business they will have to give a good price.