Tree Surgeon Job Description

For many people who have a strong interest in gardening the ideal job will be working with trees and plants. By training to be a tree surgeon there will be plenty of opportunities to work in a job you enjoy and know that you are helping the environment. Below is a tree surgeon job description.

Tree Surgeon Job Description

What is a Tree Surgeon?

An arboriculturist – the correct title for a tree surgeon – works to either crown, prune or sometimes remove trees.  They will find work both in the city and countryside and although they will be doing the same type of job on a regular basis every job will have its own special aspects.  It may be finding a way to remove a diseased tree that is surrounded by other trees or buildings, or it could be finding a way to thin the branches of a group of trees without disturbing the wildlife.

While a great deal of being a tree surgeon will involve climbing trees and removing the branches manually there will be the need to use equipment as not all trees will be safe enough to climb.  Health and safety is an incredibly important part of a Tree Surgeon Jobs description as the scope for problems to occur is immense.  The greatest care must always be taken to ensure that there is no damage to property or people and they should always take care not to injure themselves by falls or misuse of the equipment.

Additional Requirements of the Job

As well as working on trees there will be the requirement to give advice regarding the best course of action to take regarding the upkeep of trees.  This can range from something as basic as whether or not a tree should be crowned or pruned up to the maintenance of a forest.  There is more of an understanding of the environment than in the past.  Whereas at one time if trees needed to come down the work was carried out regardless of the consequences to anything else in the area, now there will be checks made to ensure that no wildlife will be damaged or left homeless.

Most arboriculturists will specialise in an area including tree preservation, parks and gardens or planning and inspection.  There is now as much emphasis put on the care of trees to try to prevent problems rather than dealing with them when they arise.

Although being a tree surgeon does not exclude other areas of work in the garden the more basic jobs will usually fall to an arborist leaving the managerial and more technical part of the work to the arboriculturist

Tree Surgeon Job Description

The tree surgeon job description will include the following:

  • Designing the landscape and arranging tree maintenance
  • Dealing with clients and carrying out inspections and surveys
  • Writing up reports for local authorities, insurance companies and dealing with planning applications.
  • Training
  • Providing information and advice for customers

As well as being able to fulfil the Tree Surgeon Jobs description there will also be the need for on-going training as machinery updates and regulations change frequently.