What is a Tree Surgeon

Have your heard about tree surgery before but don’t really know the answer to what is a tree surgeon? There are many different occupations that are preferred by nature lovers, and all these are a way of helping them make a difference in the world whilst ensuring them a profitable living doing what they’re most passionate about: caring for nature.

What is a Tree Surgeon

What is a tree surgeon exactly?

Have you ever seen someone that looked like a forest worker, but instead of cutting down logs he was climbing up a tree to inspect it and care for its flaws and injuries?  This is what tree surgeons do.  Instead of just cutting down trees like the workers that deal with tree and wood removal, these specialists put all their efforts and knowledge into caring for and protecting trees, removing only dead wood or trees that “chose” a very unfortunate place to grow, obstructing the view, threatening buildings or impairing power and telephone lines.

Why is a Tree Surgeon Necessary?

This activity prompts individuals to put their knowledge and skills into practice in an effort of protecting and conserving the surrounding environment.  Why is a tree surgeon necessary?  Because weather and biological factors may affect trees, causing them injuries and even leading to their death.  What is a tree surgeon in the light of these events?  A specialist who inspects trees for signs of damage, who treats them, strengthens them and removes broken or dead areas.

There are many different factors that may affect trees, causing tree surgeons to act quickly and efficiently in removing whatever threatens the life and normal growth of a tree.  Lightning, strong wind, extreme temperatures, ice and snow are weather factors that may leave their mark on trees, but there are also other issues that can affect trees.  Parasites, insects and disease are a real peril for trees, and it’s up to tree surgeons to remove any biological agent and care for the tree.

Tree surgeons are also responsible for crown lifting, and they are called in cases in which the trees’ branches are sweeping the ground floor.  The role of tree surgeons is to cut down these branches or try to lift them up from the ground with the help of various tools, ensuring sufficient space between the ground level and the actual tree crown.

In What Kind of Environment do Tree Surgeons Work?

What is a tree surgeon if not the person responsible for protecting trees in all weathers?  Tree surgeons are obliged to perform their duties no matter how temperamental the weather is, and basically all of their activities have to be carried out outdoors, and sometimes at very large heights.

If you’ve ever considered the question: “what is a tree surgeon”, learn that this type of occupation is quite dangerous, and only those that are physically able to handle the challenges of tree surgery can fill in a position in this field.  Tree surgeons are exposes to debris caused by working with dangerous tools such as chainsaws, and they’re also responsible for operating safely whilst using these tools at height.  This is why all tree surgeons need to be perfectly aware of the rules and regulations that promote health and safety whilst working on-site.