Normal Day of a Tree Surgeon

A tree surgeon is a person responsible for the protection of trees and conservation of tree areas. Trees can become highly damaged over time due to various nature hazards such as precipitation, lightning, strong winds, fire and disease; and untreated injuries such as these can lead to the death of the tree. Tree surgeons are not only responsible for mending tree damage, but they also deal with removing dead, diseased or broken tree branches, as well as cutting down tree limbs that result in obstructing a view or interfering with the nearby traffic, power lines, telephone lines etc.

Normal Day of a Tree Surgeon

Common Tasks Filling a Normal Day of a Tree Surgeon

Tree surgery involves a lot of climbing, and those that work their way towards the top of the tree do so to inspect the tree for signs of damage such as split and cracked limbs, dead areas and other signs that would trigger a warning in the event of bad weather and heavy snow.  Part of a normal day of a tree surgeon consists of crown lifting which prompts workers to cut or lift up branches in order to clear the area between the ground and the crown of the tree to avoid having branches sweeping up the floor.

During the summer, trees are inspected and cared for in the event of injury and damage, and they are also strengthened through the use of cables and bolts.  There are lots of actions to be performed when the temperatures are high, especially when it comes to disease that may spread from one tree to another.  In the winter, most of the activities carried out by tree surgeons involve the removal of wood and trees that suffer damage or fall during the summer months.  They may also be responsible with milling timber.

Safety Inspections

An adequate inspection is an essential part of the normal day of a tree surgeon.  Tree specialists need to know and put into practice the required Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations that make the object of an analysis known as LOLER inspection.  Such an analysis is meant to secure and increase the safety of workers whilst they perform their daily activities, including the work with hazardous equipment such as ropes and harnesses, strops or chainsaws.

Site Inspections

The normal day of a tree surgeon may also involve site inspections as workers are called to do different on-terrain activities, including chopping off trees, diagnosing insect infestations or assessing other tree diseases.  Another side of site inspections mentions the fact that even though tree surgeons are called to perform various activities, some situations might prevent them from executing clients’ requests, this is why tree surgeons need to be permanently aware of the laws and regulations meant to protect and preserve the environment.

The normal day of a tree surgeon can involve a lot of activities from the most basic ones as testing out a tree to ensure it’s sufficiently irrigated to providing consultations regarding clearing out entire forests for construction purposes.