Tree Surgeons and Conservation Areas

Tree surgeons and conservation areas – many people do not even know that these two are linked, let alone how they are linked together. There are over 8,000 conservation areas all over the UK, with the first conservation area designated in 1967. The chances are that your street might be a conservation area without you even knowing anything about it. Owing to the fact that a conservation area is an area of special and unique interest - be it architectural, natural or historic, only licensed tree surgeons are allowed to take care of the trees in these areas. This means that all the trees in a conservation area are covered by a TPO, which stands for a tree preservation order.

Tree Surgeons and Conservation Areas

Tree Surgeons and Conservation Areas – How to Treat a Tree in a Conservation Area

If you discover that a tree in front of your house or even in your own backyard is covered by a TPO, you will need to be careful not to do anything with the tree in question before consulting your local council.  This means that you must inform your local council about your plans involving a tree covered by a TPO six weeks before you plan on doing anything with the three.  After you have made an application and you have received a positive reply, only then can you find a tree surgeon that will perform any task involving the tree.

Tree Surgeons and Conservation Areas – What exactly is a TPO?

A TPO, or a tree preservation order, is an order made by a council which states that it is an offence to destroy or hurt a tree in any willing way.  A TPO can cover a single tree, or a wood, but it cannot cover shrubs, bushes or hedges.  If people wish to check whether a tree is covered by a TPO, they can do it quite simply by finding a map of conservation areas and TPO’s online.  The purpose of a TPO is to protect the trees from the public by making it impossible for people to destroy a tree without legal consequences.

The Importance of Trees in Conservation Areas

Owing to the fact that the UK government has decided to designate a conservation area, we have to respect all the conservation areas all over the country and treat them according to the law.  For example, there are conservation areas of great historic importance and it would be a shame if people decided to do whatever they please with the nature in the conservation area.  Some of the trees in conservation areas are very old, which is why it is important that they are taken care of by professional tree surgeons in order for them to remain healthy and long-lasting.

All in all, tree surgeons and conservation area are two things that are very closely linked.  A tree surgeon is the only person who has the right to take care of the trees in a conservation area, and the reason for this is the importance of protecting trees from anyone who has bad intensions.