Routes Into Tree Surgery

Generally speaking, there is only one route to tree surgery and that is through hard work. Tree surgery is a physically demanding job and anyone seeking a short cut to becoming a tree surgeon is only in for disappointment. That said, if you are serious about becoming a tree surgeon, there are two possible routes you can take that will lead you to your desired career as a tree surgeon.

Routes Into Tree Surgery

On the Job Training

In the tree surgery profession, you are only as good as the experience you have and that is what prospective clients will be looking at before they even consider hiring you.  This is why on the job training is so important.  There are two methods in which you can effectively get some on the job training.

The first would be through getting a job as a local tree surgery outfit.  The starting point will be as a trainee and it might take a very long time before you eventually begin to climb trees.  The advantage of using this route to tree surgery is that you get real hands-on experience and learn all the tricks of the trade as you go along.  Also, your experience begins to grow and this is invaluable if you intend to offer your services as a tree surgeon.

The second method would be to offer your time as a volunteer.  You might initially be required to begin this way because there is really no guarantee that you would get a job at the local tree surgery business.  However, if you are signing on as a volunteer, you get the experience including the added advantage of knowing that your time is yours.  Besides which, it is easier for a volunteer to get a job than someone who has no experience whatsoever in the industry.

One issue you might face with on the job training is the unavailability of jobs.  Most tree surgery businesses are often reluctant to hire people with little or no experience preferring to opt for more experienced tree surgeons or even those with specialist qualifications.  Moreover, if you do happen to get a job, you can expect the pay to be at the bottom of the rung in the beginning.  This can easily be overcome with determination and perseverance.

Professional Certification

The second route to tree surgery is through an education in tree surgery, or arboriculture.  There you are taught the principles of tree surgery and the different methodologies.  With a formal education in tree surgery, it is easier to pass the qualifying exams and earn professional certification because your education will be geared towards that.  One advantage of going down this route is that many times, your qualification, in terms of the certificate earned, speaks for you and people will be more willing to give you a try if you possess some form of training.

A disadvantage of this route is that it does not really afford you any hands-on training therefore you do not get to amass the level of experience and actual skill which you would need to be a good tree surgeon.

Whichever of these routes to tree surgery you choose, it is important to ensure that you have a passion for this.  Tree surgery can be extremely rigorous and physically demanding so you need to be sure that this is what you want to be doing.