Tree Surgeons Qualifications

As a job, tree surgery is more about practical experience and client base than any piece of paper and qualification. However a client base needs to start somewhere and sometimes you attract new clients much easier when you do get that piece of paper. That's not only because when the client gets to your office and sees that diploma, he might be more inclined to hire you but also because they might get to you faster if they see you in a directory of qualified tree surgeons.

Tree Surgeons Qualifications

Tree Surgeons Qualifications

The most obvious tree surgeons qualification refers to actual arboriculture courses.  Every local college will provide those and - even if you feel you are qualified on the practical side, the courses can show you new approaches and, of course, provide you with that shiny diploma.

However, the tree surgeons qualifications that bring out the most customers will not be college diplomas.  The best way to go about this will be registering in a professional association - either the International Society of Arboriculture or something more local.  All of them will present a list of members to the interested customers and will also offer you the possibility of receiving written certifications of your practical tree surgeons qualifications.  Members with qualifications will occupy a special spot on the member list and will more than likely be receiving most job offers.

The thing about professional associations is that membership costs money.  The bigger the association, the most likely it is that it has a larger fee - so if you are at the beginning of your business, you may want to start small.  A local association will provide you clients in the area and will probably be more affordable.

Examples of Professional Certifications

The most famous association in the field is the International Society of Arboriculture.  The association has local chapters, split onto countries and some US states - including the United Kingdom and Ireland chapter which should be suitable for you.  The association also includes opportunities for certifications that are among the most prestigious in the field.  The higher level certification is the ISA Certified Arborist qualification, which is a certificate that, unlike others, needs to be maintained through frequent examinations that test the tree surgeon's knowledge in the field on a regular basis.

Other reputable tree surgeons qualifications include:

  • Royal Forestry Society's Certificate in Aboriculture - This certificate is actually the highest level in a series of qualifications offered by the society.  In order to obtain this, you will have to pass quite a few exams in various related practical competencies, plus a theoretical exam.

  • The Arboricultural Association Technician Certificate - This is more of a medium level tree surgeon qualification for tree surgeons who do not feel confident enough to take an advanced exam.  It is, however, usually aimed at other professions in the field, like tree inspectors, technicians and supervisors.

  • The National Diploma and the National Certificate are actual courses that result in certification - more suitable for arborists at the beginning of their career.  The courses last two or three years and the certifications cover both practical and theoretical aspects.