Tree Surgeon Costs

The services of a tree surgeon are usually in high demand. Therefore when planning to hire one, you need to have a clear idea of what you require. Tree surgeon costs vary according to a lot of factors such as location, the size of the tree, the type of tree and its proximity to other objects such as buildings and such. All these influence the cost of a tree surgeon as such, only a very rough estimate can be given when it comes to tree surgeon costs.

Tree Surgeon Costs

Hiring a Tree Surgeon

Before you go about hiring a tree surgeon there are certain things you need to take into consideration.  First of all, the reputation of the tree surgeon is very important; you do not want someone with the reputation for doing hack jobs on trees.  A tree surgeon is an arborist, someone who practices arboriculture and the primary focus of that person should be the preservation of the tree and then the beautification of the area.  A second consideration would be the preparedness of the tree surgeon.  A tree surgeon should always have the right equipment to effectively carry out the job with minimum complication.

Tree Surgeon Costs

The cost of a tree surgeon is dependent on so many variables including the type of job you want done and the size and type of tree.  Below is a rough breakdown of a tree surgeon’s costs according to job type.

  • Tree Felling: This depends on the size of the tree and the location.  A tree that has surrounding risks and requires additional safety measures will naturally cost more.  However, the general price for an average tree is about £250.

  • Crown Reduction: sometimes the need for a tree surgeon may stem from the fact that the crown of the tree is blocking sunlight from getting into the house, or is a source of another form of nuisance.  Where this is the case, the services of a tree surgeon will be needed to reduce the crown of the tree.  Tree surgeon costs for crown reduction are typically between £250 to £500 per person, per day and this is very much dependent on the location of the tree surgeon and the size of the tree.

  • Garden Clearance: After a tree has been felled, it becomes necessary to clear out the debris and mess left behind in the garden.  This would normally cost somewhere between £40 to £100 per hour.  However, if you are on a tight budget, you could probably negotiate with the tree surgeon and choose to handle this aspect of the job yourself.

  • Portable Sawmilling: Some tree surgeons offer this service which turns a felled tree into usable timber.  A separate fee is usually charged for this and is agreed upon after negotiation.  A portable sawmill is brought to the site where the tree was felled and is used to produce planks out of the felled tree.
Before you make a firm decision about hiring any particular tree surgeon, it is advisable to seek price estimates from a number of tree surgeons and also to carry out some research into the experience and reputation of the tree surgeon.  This will save you a lot of headache later on and ensure that the tree surgeon cost was well worth it.