Tree Surgeon Insurance

As a tree surgeon, you can no longer afford to operate without some form of public liability insurance. As a rule, tree surgery is a dangerous occupation not just to the tree surgeon, but it could also cause damage to property or injury to third parties. Where this happens, tree surgeons without insurance will quickly discover themselves in hot water. An insurance cover ensures that even if accidents do happen, as they may well do, the burden and liability will not fall on you.

Tree Surgeon Insurance

Types of Tree Surgeon Insurance

In order for a tree surgeon to be adequately covered, there are a number of different kinds of insurance policies that should be taken out.

  1. The Public Liability Insurance
    Public liability insurance covers tree surgeons when accidents that involve third parties occur.  These might be members of the public, clients or customers.  The society has become increasingly litigious and it only stands to reason that a professional tree surgeon be adequately protected from frivolous and not quite frivolous suits involving accidents.

  2. Professional Indemnity Insurance
    Regardless of how careful and diligent one is, human perfection at all times is impossible.  As a result, there may be accidents resulting from carelessness, negligence or breach of duty, however unintentional they might have been.  A tree surgeon will be liable for any accident that occurs as a result of his or her professional advice.  A suit involving breach of duty is taken very seriously and can result in a heavy loss for the tree surgeon if not insured.  Taking out professional indemnity insurance is not just advised, it is absolutely mandatory.

  3. Employers’ Liability Insurance
    This is particularly necessary if you run your own tree surgery business and have employees working for you.  This form of insurance serves to cover the tree surgeon should an employee get injured while carrying out his or her duties.  This insurance type is compulsory for all employers but will not apply if you are a one-man business or if your only ‘employees’ are close family members.  Where there is compensation to be paid to an employee who falls ill or gets injured in the course of work, employers liability insurance will cover it.

Purchasing Tree Surgeon Insurance

Before you purchase any tree surgeon insurance policy, it is important to first of all shop around.  Ask for recommendations from trusted tree surgeons and research the insurance companies.  Feel free to call them up to ask whatever questions you feel need asking.  Also do not forget to ask for estimates from them.  This should help you in making up your mind.  Be sure to remember that tree surgery is a highly skilled and dangerous job and might require a special class of insurance.  Disclose this aspect to the insurance companies and ask for specialist tree surgery insurance.

You are strongly advised not to begin your tree surgery business until you have purchased the necessary tree surgeon insurance policies so that should accidents occur, you are covered and will not have to go bankrupt whenever you are ordered to pay compensation.