Tree Surgeon Salaries

In today’s world, many people consider salary to be the main factor in finding a good job. Due to the fact that the cost of living is higher than ever and the economy is not what it used to be, how much we earn really is important. Therefore, people are always trying to find a job which will give them the opportunity to earn as much money as possible, and many people even do not care what they do for a living as long as they get paid enough. However, there are still those people who choose to work a job they enjoy and be happy with their salaries – and tree surgeons definitely belong in this group.

Tree Surgeon Salaries

The Misconception about Tree Surgeon Salaries

Anyone who has had to hire a tree surgeon to take care of their trees knows that the services of tree surgeons are far from cheap.  Generally speaking, people can expect to pay anywhere from £350 to even £600 or even more for a day’s work.  However, this does not mean that a tree surgeon makes a lot of money.  The fact is that tree surgeon salaries in the UK rank as average or even below average.  Although this might be difficult to believe, tree surgeons are not people who work little and get paid a lot – it is more the other way around.

Tree Surgeon Salaries – What Are the Actual Numbers?

As it has already been mentioned, tree surgeon salaries are not very generous.  Generally speaking, tree surgeon salaries range from around £11,000 to around £25,000.  Aside from this, there is the possibility for a tree surgeon with a lot of experience to earn a bonus, which cannot be greater than about £4,000.  All of the numbers listed above are per year, which means that the maximum annual tree surgeon salary in the UK can rarely exceed around £30,000 and this is for the best tree surgeons that have lots of experience, a lot of clients and do their job very skilfully and quickly.  Owing to the fact that the average salary in the UK is about £25,000 it can be said that an averagely experienced and averagely skilful tree surgeon will earn a salary below the national average.

Why do People Choose to Become Tree Surgeons?

Even though tree surgeon salaries are average or below average, it can be said that their job is a great one.  Tree surgeons are people who spend a lot of time outdoors; they are in great physical and mental condition and they really enjoy what they do for a living.  These are the main reasons for people to choose a career in tree surgery and the ones who choose to be tree surgeons rarely regret the decision.  When it comes to tree surgeon salaries, it is safe to say that they are not the reason why people choose to become tree surgeons, but the stress-free and often relaxing job of a tree surgeon is reason enough.