Tree Surgeons in the UK

Most people would prefer to have a garden that allows them to look out on flowers, plants and trees. It can be relaxing looking at them but the problems start when they grow too high and it is at this time that there is the need to look for a tree surgeon in the UK.

Tree Surgeons in the UK

Reasons for Needing Tree Surgeons in the UK

There are a number of reasons why you might need to hire the services of tree surgeons in the UK.  If your tree is diseased or the roots are taking over the garden, you may need a professional to come in to see if they can do anything to save the tree or remove it.  If your tree is on the front of your property and has branches overhanging the road or pavements, a tree surgery company may be needed to cut back the overhanging branches and thus remove the possible danger to cars and passers-by.  Tree surgery companies can also help with more mundane jobs such as hedge pruning and landscaping – each company is different but most are willing to help with any tree related job.

Services Offered by Tree Surgeons in the UK

Most tree surgeons in the UK will be able to carry out work ranging from cutting back branches to stop them hitting windows and keeping out light to the total removal of the tree.  They will have access to equipment that will mean the height of the top of the tree will not be a problem.  Cherry pickers will allow the tree surgeon to bring down the tallest trees and cranes will allow them to reach tree tops that are in normally inaccessible places.

A good tree surgeon will be a member of the Arboricultural Association and will not just remove or cut back trees.  Often there is no need to cut them down as there will be treatments that can make sure they are viable for years to come.

The Arboricultural Association

There are many advantages for tree surgeons in the UK being members of the association as they will find they can be recommended to potential customers.  There are other benefits including:-

  • Training will be easier to take up
  • They can enter the ARB Show free of charge
  • Receive the magazines The ARB Magazine and the Arboricultural Journal
  • Progress through the ranks to be one of the leaduing surgeons or companies
  • Give something back by finding ways to improve the industry.
It will be easy to be concerned about the cost of hiring a tree surgeon in the UK but is does not have to be as expensive as you may think.  Trees that are easily accessible – meaning there is no need to provide machinery to bring them down – can cost as little as £200 to be cut back and therefore be declared safe.  It will be easy to find a tree surgeon in the UK as many of them advertise on line so keeping your tree in good condition and your house safe could not be easier.