Tree Surgeon Edinburgh

Edinburgh is most well-known for its beautiful buildings and the artistic areas that tell so much of its history. The last thing many people would think would be needed is tree surgeons in Edinburgh, but there is plenty of call for them.

Tree Surgeon Edinburgh

DeLisle Tree Solutions

This company is one of the leading tree companies in Edinburgh.  They are experts in removing trees and since they started in 2002 they have proved to be effective and environmentally friendly.  As well as removing trees they manage to prune and crown many of them so as they are able to stay in place.  Other services offered by the DeLisle tree surgeon Edinburgh company include garden clearance, hedge removal and commercial and domestic gardening services.  Their website gives full details of all the services they offer and they can be contacted by email or phone. 

Frontier Forestry

Frontier Forestry is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and is registered to carry out both commercial and residential work.  This tree surgeon Edinburgh company have been in business since 1998 and carry the normal levels of insurance so you can be sure that if anything does go wrong there will not be a big bill landing at your door.  They have all staff trained to the correct level for the equipment they use and realise that working with trees can be dangerous if the correct equipment is not used.  As part of their environmental ideas they make sure there will not be any wildlife hurt or left homeless as a result of their work.  As well as removal of damaged or diseased trees they will also be able to contain and tidy up healthy trees that are going to be kept.  If trees have to be removed they will also be able to replace them and they will always give advice before any work is started.


With over 20 years of experience as tree surgeons in Edinburgh, Treeshape staff will be able to help out with any work that needs to be carried out on your trees.  They have equipment that will make sure they will be able to carry out any job and as well as being well maintained the equipment is the latest on the market.  They will be able to take on a contract of any size and will make sure they know in advance if there are any problems.

Once you have chosen a tree surgeon Edinburgh company it will be best to ask them to visit and give you a quote.  This not only ensures that you know what to expect but they will be able to identify any pitfalls they may face.  This will clearly affect the price as a straightforward felling or pruning will cost less than a tree that may need to be section felled.  Any concerns you may have can be aired at this time and by the time the job is carried out your mind should be at rest.