Tree Surgeons Sheffield

Parts of Sheffield are very built up and will not have much call for tree surgeons but there are other parts that are very green and the work and support they bring will be much needed. As there will be a number of tree surgeons in Sheffield who will want your business there are a number of questions that it may be best to ask before deciding which one to use.

Tree Surgeons Sheffield

Tree Surgeons Sheffield FAQs

Q. When should the trees be pruned?
A. Many can be pruned at any time but some should only be pruned during the summer.  By and large it will depend on the type of tree.

Q. Will anything stop the removal?
A. If the tree has a tree preservation order (TPO) on it there will be limits as to what can be done.  If you live in a conservation area, notice will need to be given beforehand.

Q. How can I get a quote?
A. Most companies will not give a quote without a visit.  This is because they may give a price and then attend to the job to find it is more complicated than they originally thought.

Q. How long must I wait?
A. Many tree surgeons in Sheffield will do the job within two weeks of the job being awarded.

Q. Are they insured?
A. Most companies in Sheffield tend to insure themselves for £5,000,000 as there will be few accidents that need more cover than this.

Q. Will there be a mess left behind?
A. Most companies will arrange to remove everything they cut down or trim back

Sheffield Tree Care

Before the work starts you will be told what will need to be done by the Sheffield Tree Care company.  There will be a decision made regarding the need to either to cut down or just prune the tree.  Like many tree surgeons in Sheffield they will consider removal to be the last resort but on occasions when there is no other option due to the condition of the tree it must be done.  The normal course of action will be pruning or crowning.  The company are also qualified to deal with emergency work that may come about as a result of damage in a storm or a car running into the tree.

Roper Tree Care

Based in Sheffield these tree surgeons specialise in both pruning and the complete removal of trees.  All of the staff are fully qualified and the work is carried out in accordance with BS3998 which is the British Standard needed for tree works.  NPTC certification is held by all staff who will be working with chainsaws and customers can feel free to see this before the job is carried out.

There is 5 million pounds worth of insurance and this seems to be the norm for tree surgeons in Sheffield.  So if any job goes wrong you be fully covered as there cannot be many circumstances when this will not be enough.  To minimise problems beforehand there will be a full risk assessment carried out so any possible problems should be picked up then.  As the final part of the work, all waste will be removed from the site unless it has previously been agreed that this will not happen.