Tree Surgeons Surrey

With large areas of greenery there is plenty of work for tree surgeons in Surry. Whether it is individual home owners, local authorities or farmers there is a definite need for good quality and well qualified tree surgeons. It is important to have areas of green belt and also important that the areas are well looked after. With numerous organisations needing help to look after the greenery they are responsible for there is plenty of work for tree surgeons in Surrey to bid for. Companies who can prove that they are well qualified and have staff who know what they are doing will find themselves near to the front of the queues when the jobs are being allocated.

Tree Surgeons Surrey

Connick Tree Care

Connick Tree Care is one of the most popular tree surgeons Surrey companies.  All staff are trained to work on trees regardless of whether or not the work will be to preserve or fell it.  They take on all jobs and will not consider anything to be too big or small.  They have been in existence for 20 years and are members of the Arboricuoltural Association.  They will give free estimates and even if they are not successful in obtaining the work there will not be a request for payment.

Evergreen Tree Services

Evergreen Tree Services are another Surrey based tree surgery company.  They offer their services not only in Surrey but also in Hampshire and the surrounding areas.  The company has been in operation for seven years and is made up of three NPTC qualified tree surgeons.  They pride themselves on consistently working to high standards, and work to maintain and manage trees important to the environment and conservation in Surrey.  The company offer a variety of services and ask customers to contact them for a free quote.

AA Action Tree Surgeons Surrey

With 27 years of experience, AA Action Tree Surgeons in Surrey have managed to build up a company that is able to offer their services to both residents and business owner alike.  They offer a number of tree surgery services including:

  • Tree felling – this is the total removal of a tree and will normally be carried out if the tree has a disease and will not survive.  Removal also needs to happen if the tree is not safe.  If it is possible that the tree could fall onto a house or street then it will need to be removed- pruning is not always going to be enough.

  • Stump Removal – often trees are cut down but the stump is left.  There is no need for this and the whole thing can be taken away.  This will normally happen when a new tree is to be planted or the area is to be landscaped.  If the stump will be a tripping hazard it will also need to go.

  • Landscaping – this will involve the creating and care of the area on a regular basis to stop it from becoming overgrown.

Tree Surgeons in Surrey have a beautiful area to work in and it is partly down to them and the work they carry out that keeps it that way.