Tree Surgeons Inverness

If you live in Inverness and need the services of a tree surgeon there are plenty of companies for you to choose from. There are a wide range of services offered and it will be best to shop around and make sure you get a good deal and also have someone carrying out the job that you are comfortable with. Most companies will be pleased to visit and give a free quote. This will also help them as they will be able to see anything that may make the job more difficult and they will be able to bring any additional equipment they need should you choose to hire them.

Tree Surgeons Inverness

James Clark Tree Surgeon Inverness

This tree surgeons Inverness company has over 15 years of experience and any questions will be answered before the job begins.  Most problems that you present will probably have been dealt with before and there will be a solution found for any new ones presented.  They are able to work across the Highlands of Scotland and have experience of moving many different types of trees.  They are also able to advertise that they are the only company who can deliver stump grinding with the aid of a hydraulic stump grinding machine.  Staff are qualified to industry standard and have experience working for city councils so are more than capable of carrying out large jobs.  They are just as happy carrying out smaller jobs and all work will be carried out to the same standard.  

Tree Surgeons Inverness Qualifications

It is always a good idea to check that the staff of the company that you hire have the correct qualifications.  These can include:

  • Health and Safety standards
  • Urban Forestry
  • Plant Identification and Application
  • NCH Arboriculture
  • NPTC certificates

Experience will also be important and all good tree surgeons in Inverness will have a mixture of experience and good quality practices.  They will know when a tree needs to be felled and when it can be saved.  Few tree surgeons in Inverness will choose to completely remove a tree when it can be saved.  If the tree does not have to be removed they will carry out one of a couple of procedures on it.

Tree Surgeons Inverness Jobs

Depending on the tree surgeon Inverness company that you choose, the jobs that they offer will be different.  Most companies can offer to make the trees thinner – usually to increase the amount of light that a house will see.  Another job that is undertaken by most companies is crowning – removing low hanging branches from roadside trees.  Other companies may offer landscaping, hedge pruning etc. so it will depend on what you require as to which company you choose.

When you have found a tree surgeon in Inverness make sure that the price thy quote covers all the work you want to be included.  Most will include removal and disposal of waste materials but in some cases this may be extra.  Tree surgeons in Inverness will charge different prices for different work so be prepared to pay extra if the tree is difficult to remove or in a difficult location.