Tree Surgeon Sussex

Sussex has large areas of woods and parklands all needing to be looked after and kept both safe and in good condition. Whether it is the tree in a back garden or a group of trees in a park there will be a company who will be able to carry out any work needed.

Tree Surgeon Sussex

Sussex Tree Surgeons

This family run business was founded in 1998 and as a result you can be sure that all members of staff will want to keep the good reputation that they have.  No job will be considered too small so there is no need to worry that your tree will not be treated if you just have the one.  Training is carried out regularly so all staff will be fully aware of what needs to be done throughout the time they are working on your tree.  They are concerned about the environment and are able to recycle over 90% of the waste they remove from the site.  As they are registered with the environment agency they are checked to ensure they run their recycling properly.

Due to the nature of the work all tree surgeons in Sussex will be trained to the highest standards with regards to health and safety.  Risks will not be taken and there is insurance in place to cover for anything that happens by accident.  With insurance covering £10 million there will be no worries about local authorities using their services for larger jobs.

Work For Tree Surgeons in Sussex

The work that needs to be carried out by tree surgeons in Sussex will be varied.  It will range from just pruning back some small trees to either felling a number of large trees or pruning them to keep them viable.  When a tree gets so large there are a number of problems that occur:-

The light can be kept out of rooms meaning there will be a high electricity bill as lights will have to be left on most of the time.  The cost of removal should mean lower bills.  Normally the branches will be thinned out and often the leaves removed.  This can also be carried out if the branches are damaging the roof.

Some trees grow so large that they become dangerous.  When the wind is high they blow from side to side and in extreme conditions they can blow down altogether.  There have been many occasions when a tree comes down in a storm and people are killed.  In less serious cases property is damaged, but tree surgeons in Sussex will be able to work on them before they get to this stage.

Roots can cause problems with the foundations of houses.  Often the tree will need to be removed in cases like this as they are not as easy to cut back as branches are.  Whatever needs to be done to your tree a tree surgeon in Sussex will be able to advise you of the best course of action and then give you a price to carry out the work.