Tree Surgeons Wales

Wales is a country with vast areas of forests and woods and as a result needs a great deal of work to be carried out by tree surgeons. There are a lot of tree surgeons in Wales and there is more than enough work to go round. It is a well policed industry and it will be important for companies to be able to show that their staff are experienced and well qualified.

Tree Surgeons Wales

Ben Daniel Arboricultural Services

This company can carry out a variety of jobs and cover a lot of Wales but they mostly cover south Wales and the southwest of England.  The owner of the company holds the Arboricultural Association's Technicians Certificate in Arboriculture (2005) and has over 15 years of experience working with trees.  The company’s view is that being a tree surgeon means managing trees and helping owners do what is best for them.  Having worked for the Welsh Government they have experience of larger jobs and as is necessary when working as a tree surgeon in Wales the company are fully insured and are covered for any accident that could happen.

Environmental issues are taken very seriously by the Ben Daniel company and they recycle a lot of the trees they cut down or prune back.  The company have been working towards finding a way of using woodchips as biomass fuel and parts of the trees are being used as feedstock by Pathfinder Renewable Energy.

D L Corran

D L Corran have near to 40 years of experience and have a team of specialist tree surgeons.  As well as Wales they work in Hereford and parts of Gloucestershire.  They carry out reshaping, crown thinning and reduction, stump grinding and tree surgery reports.  The company has plenty of experience when it comes to removing dangerous trees as these need to be dealt with quickly before someone is hurt.  This can range from trees that have moved to one side or have very large branches hanging over footpaths or roads.  This makes the company a valuable asset to local authorities who may find themselves responsible for trees in this category.

Health and safety is very important as clearly there is a wide scope for injury and damage to property when the jobs are being carried out.  Staff hold NPTC certificates allowing them to use chainsaws and all are qualified when it comes to climbing the trees.  Just as important are their first aid certificates.  Fortunately there has never been a claim made on their £5,000,000 insurance policy

The Woodlands Trust

The Woodlands Trust is trying to have its policies adopted and if they are successful it will mean more protection for trees and new legislation surrounding tree management.  This will lead to an increase in training for tree surgeons in Wales.  As Wales is a very popular place with visitors there are plenty of local councils who want to make sure the area is as attractive and safe as possible so the work for tree surgeons is set to continue.