Tree Surgeons Bristol

While Bristol is a large built up city there are still a lot of trees and these need to be looked after. It is a concern to residents and local authorities that their trees are safe and they are free from prosecution if anyone is injured as a result of them. There are plenty of tree surgeons in Bristol who are capable of dealing with any types of trees and any problems that they are causing. This can be either a disease that may need them to be removed or them growing too big and blocking out the light. Trees are an important part of city life and knowing that there are ways to keep them safe and tidy and allow as many as possible to survive gives many people comfort.

Tree Surgeons Bristol

Tree Surgeons Bristol

It will be necessary to fell trees on some occasions but this will normally because they are diseased or so large and dangerous that it will cause more problems by keeping them.  More often than not the trees can be pruned or crowned which will solve the problem and allow the tree to stay.

In a city there will be problems working on trees that will not be present in a forest or woodland area.  As there will be people and property around it is much easier to prune back a tree rather than to fell it but if the only option is to remove the tree altogether it will be possible to take it down in sections.  This will still need a great deal of care to be taken and tree surgeons in Bristol will be trained to carry out this process.

J.A. Cole and Sons – Tree Surgeons in Bristol

These tree surgeons in Bristol carry out a wide range of services that should cover every eventuality.  Felling, section felling and removal of unwanted and dangerous trees can be carried out and this will include fruit trees.  The tree remnants will be removed and the area left clean and tidy.  It will be possible to also hire the company to landscape the area, erect fences and plant new trees and flowers.  They have a holistic view as to how an area can be improved by the way the greenery is dealt with.

Smart Trees – Tree Surgeons in Bristol

As with most of the other tree surgeons in Bristol, Smart Trees offer a wide range of services.  The testimonials on their website praise them for the professionalism of their work and also former users have found them to be very competitive regarding the price they charge.  They do not just deal with trees and cutting them down or back but work to improve the area as a whole.  When working with local authorities there is a great deal of scope for tree surgeons in Bristol to improve the area for the residents.  The Smart Trees website also has a facility for customers to donate to ‘Help For Heroes’ so when customers use them they will also find an easy way to donate to what many consider a good cause.